Anthony Pratt - Business Consultant, Mentor & Adviser

Anthony Pratt

Hello and thanks for visiting my website. I’m Anthony Pratt. I’m a business consultant and I’ve worked in and around the window, conservatory, kitchen, bathroom and home improvement markets since 1969. So, I know these markets very well and, if I can help you develop and strengthen your business, I’d love to do so.


From an early career with Alcan, selling custom extrusions to commercial window and curtain walling manufacturers, I moved to Scope (owned by GKN), one of the first window systems companies in the UK; and then on to Bowater, as CEO of Bowater Halo. I led the team that put Halo on the map. In the mid-1980s I was moved by Bowater to Zenith and secured a major turnaround of a loss making business. My final role as a CEO of a corporate business was to undertake a post-acquisition merger of three kitchen and bathroom distribution businesses, owned by a Finnish multinational called Oy Wartsila Ab.


During the early and mid 1990s, I changed course and moved out of the corporate sector and into SMEs; firstly, in a start-up home improvement company and then with the turnaround of an old established family joinery business. Finally in 1997, I started my consultancy business – AP Management Consultants.


Having run businesses in both the corporate and SME sectors; having worked in both systems supply and direct sales; having been involved with start-ups, turnarounds, growth strategies and post-acquisition mergers; and having experience of windows, conservatories, kitchens and bathrooms, I felt I had most of what it takes to help and support other business owners and directors, in the home improvement and building products sectors.    


During my 17 years as a business consultant, I’ve worked with many different clients, from some very large ones like Jewson, the builders’ merchant, to many smaller companies, mostly, but not exclusively, within the home improvement and building products sectors. I’ve been engaged by the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Global Restructuring Group to undertake reviews into a number of different businesses. And I’ve had a number of interim management assignments, as acting CEO of some seriously challenged businesses. So my consultancy career has been one of considerable variety, which has added significantly to the experience of my earlier career.


Looking ahead, I have a passionate interest in the UK window and conservatory sector, which has struggled to adjust to current market conditions. And my objective is to help businesses, within this sector, to embrace the type of change that will enable them to secure profitable and sustainable futures.