Free Business Advice for New & Existing Clients

I am always pleased to offer free business advice for new and existing clients, on an informal basis, over the phone. Everything discussed will be in strict confidence. I will also provide new clients with a more detailed initial consultation, entirely free of charge. This would normally be at the client’s premises. 

Hot Off The Press in January 2015

Three new articles to give SMEs some food for thought during the early part of the year; a time when many businesses are thinking about the challenges of the year ahead. 


Why You Need A Business Plan & How to Prepare It


The Importance of Having Good Management Accounts


Oh Dear! Are You a Micro-manager?

Business Articles by Anthony Pratt

Anthony Pratt

See below a selection of business articles, which I have written and which you may find useful. They cover a range of topics; and I add new ones to them on a regular basis.


All of these articles are published as Wordpress blog posts; so there is a facility to leave comments about the content and I'd welcome any comments you may have.